Tufts University Creates Obesity Clinic for Animals

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The Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals

The Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals specializes in customized weight management plans that allow for safe weight loss with expert guidance from a board-certified veterinary nutritionist within the Clinical Nutrition Service.


The Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals specializes in:

  • Weight loss plans that have previously failed
  • Weight loss plans in pets with special dietary needs
  • Multi-pet or multi-owner households
  • Personalized care and guidance


What are my options?

You can select one of several plans that best meets your pet's needs for a weight loss program. Every program will include an initial appointment, where we will review your pet's medical and diet history, evaluate his or her current diet, discuss appropriate feeding strategies for your specific pet, answer your nutrition questions and provide written recommendations to you and your veterinarian for commercial diets, treats and supplements (if applicable) to meet your pet's nutritional needs. We will also carefully examine your pet, paying particular attention to body condition, muscle condition, and other factors related directly to nutrition.



How long will it take for my pet to lose weight?

We recommend weight loss at a rate of 1% of body weight per week to reduce rebound weight gain and avoid muscle loss. The average weight loss plan takes four to five months to safely achieve optimal body weight, though this depends on how much weight your pet needs to lose and any other medical conditions.


Obesity Clint Resource Links


USDA Nutrient Database
The USDA Nutrient Database website provides information on nutrient composition and calories of many human foods that can be used sparingly as treats or to administer medication.
Association for Pet Obesity Prevention
The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention website provides information on pet obesity through current news articles, owner surveys, and obesity facts.


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