Pet owners should establish close relationship with their veterinarian

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Pet owners should establish close relationship with their veterinarian

Every pet owner should establish a close working partnership with their veterinarian. Once you have a veterinarian that you like and trust, there are some things you can do to foster a good relationship.  First, be sure to visit regularly when your pet is healthy. During those visits, discuss ways you can keep your pet healthy and what to do when you detect something may be wrong. Second, tell your friends about your veterinarian. Nothing says “I trust you” better than a referral.


There are some common mistakes that can damage your relationship with a veterinarian. If you want your pet’s doctor to go the extra mile when you need his help, try to avoid these missteps:


  • Watch a problem for several days, then insists it’s an emergency - It never fails. Two hours before the office closes for the weekend the phone starts ringing like crazy. Every other call is the same story, “My pet has been (vomiting/not eating/sick/etc.) for (5, 6, 7+ days) and I’m really worried. I don’t want to pay for the emergency clinic. Can I bring him in before you close?” Please don’t misunderstand. We want to help your pet – and the other six whose owners also waited until now. However, our staff has been available for over 60 hours during the preceding week and now they have personal plans that start in two hours. Please call your veterinarian when you notice a problem so she can schedule a time to help. If your pet feels better before the appointment, you can always call to cancel.
  • Ask for antibiotics without an examination – Yes, maybe that ear infection is caused by the same yeast that caused the last one and is still limited to the external ear canal. But then again, maybe not. Or maybe there is a new complication like a ruptured ear drum, polyp, or middle ear infection. Prescription medications are not sold over the counter for good reason: they can cause harm when used improperly. Please do not ask a veterinarian to gamble with your pet’s health by prescribing medications without the ability to evaluate your pet first hand. 
  • Routinely miss your appointments or show up late – I take great strides to respect my clients’ time. My office schedules me only two pets every hour. I provide a paid hourly staff of three to four employees for every doctor that is seeing appointments. When a two-pet appointment doesn’t show, that hour mostly goes to waste for all of us. All veterinarians understand that sometimes things come up unexpectedly. However, repeated missed or late appointments are a good way to destroy your relationship with a veterinarian.
  • Authorize treatments you cannot afford – Most people do not purchase health insurance for their pets. Often illnesses or injuries happen when there is no money left in the family budget for such expenses. Veterinarians know this. We are used to finding alternate treatment regimens when the preferred methods are too expensive. For anyone but the worst credit risks, most of us also offer access to some type of payment plan. If you have no way of paying for the $800 in diagnostics and treatment your veterinarian just recommended, please let him know. Do not give the doctor a green light to proceed, but then tell the receptionist that you have no way to pay at the end of your visit. 
  • Order your pet’s heartworm pills from the Internet or a 1-800 number – Veterinarians use heartworm preventive sales to subsidize expensive medical fees. When your beloved pet needs that emergency surgery, it would be even more costly if your veterinarian wasn’t able to subsidize that care with the regular income from medication sales. Besides, most of the time you can purchase preventive medications from your veterinarian for about the same price as a catalog – sometimes even cheaper. Taking the time to write a script, tearing a page from a custom printed prescription pad, and losing the $5 or $10 in sale proceeds all in order to save you ten cents a month really does damage the relationship between a veterinarian and client.

Dr. Watts is a companion animal general practitioner and owner of Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care. He can be reached through ClevengersCorner.com or by calling 428-1000.



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